Zero Hash Expands Stablecoin and Fiat Support – Yahoo Finance

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The announcement means that Zero Hash now offers participants the ability to custody and settle trade obligations in PAX, USDC, TUSD, USDT and DAI, in addition to 20 major global fiat currencies. Zero Hash provides the complete post-trade settlement infrastructure for sixteen platforms, ranging from OTC desks, exchanges and payment processors.

“Stablecoins and fiat on-ramps are a significant opportunity in the digital asset ecosystem. Zero Hash is unique in the breadth of assets that are supported, which our customers use in settling unique and customizable fiat and crypto pairs across spot, derivatives and loans, 24/7,” said Edward Woodford, CEO of Zero Hash. “Zero Hash offers complete customization through our robust API suite, and we’re excited to continue to expand our offering to best service our client’s needs,” he continued.

Zero Hash currently supports the following fiat currencies:

Australian Dollar • Canadian Dollar • Chinese Yuan Renminbi • Czech Koruna • Danish Krone • Euro • Hong Kong Dollar • Hungarian Forint • Japanese Yen • Mexican Peso • New Zealand Dollar • Norwegian Krone • Polish Zloty • Pound Sterling • South African Rand • Swedish Krona • Swiss Franc • Singapore Dollar • Turkish Lira • United States Dollar

Zero Hash recently launched support for OTC-executed forward transactions. Zero Hash can calculate margin obligations and index prices, escrow margin and perform settlement for OTC desks and their counterparties. Zero Hash will soon launch support for automated loan management. Lenders and borrowers can submit loan parameters, and Zero Hash can calculate and settle collateral and interest payments, monitor the risk associated with collateral, request margin top ups and releases, and return collateral and principal at maturity.


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