USDC Beats Tether in Gaining Mainstream Adoption

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The growing popularity of stablecoins is slowly causing a major shift to occur. The first of these assets has now found a use outside of the cryptocurrency industry as well. The USDC stablecoin will now be accepted for tax payments in Bermuda. Although this is still a niche use case, it goes to show some governments are a lot more open-minded toward cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

When Circle and Coinbase decided to join forces to launch the CENTRE Consortium, a lot of questions were raised. Those questions only amplified when it became apparent this new entity would launch a brand new stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. So far, none of these offerings have been able to keep up with Tether’s USDT. That particular asset remains the most popular across cryptocurrency exchanges. However, it has little to no use cases outside of this industry, which is something to keep in mind at all times…

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