Tether records moderate growth in addresses with $10; dominates supply rate over other stablecoins

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2019 has been largely regarded as a year of the bulls after collective bullish sentiment drove major cryptocurrencies to a price hike. Besides the bull run, stablecoins were also a major topic of discussion as the community’s attention were grabbed by the Bitfinex-Tether fiasco and the launch of Facebook’s Libra.

Other than the aforementioned virtual assets, established coins like USDC, DAI have started to pick up pace in the markets.

According to a stablecoin review report released by Coinmetrics.io, the likes of USD Coin [USDC], Paxos [PAX] and DAI all registered positive growth over the last three months. It was reported that the aforementioned stablecoins had a substantial increment in the number of addresses holding a minimum of $10.

Tether, which is the largest stablecoin in the ecosystem, and TrueUSD, recorded an average performance and Gemini Dollar [GUSD] suffered a decline.

The report suggested that the $10 cutoff was only taken as a temporary unit of measurement as it was low enough to chart out both retail investors and large enough for a non-active account.


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