Tether and Tron partnership is a ‘win-win cooperation’

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While the Tron ecosystem’s collaboration with stablecoin leader, Tether, becomes more prominent with USDT-TRON pairing and the TRC20-USDT campaign, Tron founder Justin Sun featured in an AMA to openly address some of the related developments.

Speaking about the “TRC20-USDT Campaign” that is jointly launched by Huobi Global and TRON, Sun shared that Huobi Global will soon support TRC20-USDT. In addition, he mentioned,

“The joint launch of “TRC20-USDT Campaign” by TRON and Huobi Global will give an impetus to the development of TRC20-USDT applications and user growth.”

The reasoning behind the Tether – Tron partnership was attributed to a need of a “stablecoin ecosystem,” although Sun mentioned that Tether, too, needed a more stable, reliable and technically more advanced public chain, which made the move a “win-win cooperation.”

Sun stressed on the fact that Tether will help the Tron ecosystem promote the stablecoin market, but added…

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