Stablecoin Adoption: DAI in a Visa Card, Tether Sees Use in E-Commerce

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According to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Oct. 29, collaborative financial platform 2Gether added DAI support to its platform. A spokesperson claimed that this is the first stablecoin added to the platform.
As a result of the addition, 2Gether users can now spend their DAI like euros, without fees, anywhere where Visa is accepted with the dedicated card. Furthermore, 2Gether will also enable DAI holders to buy and sell 13 cryptocurrencies, without fees, and send DAI to external addresses. The firm explains what it hopes to achieve with the addition of the crypto asset to its platform:
“The addition of Dai to 2gether’s crypto catalog offers the possibility of operating with a cryptocurrency that’s both decentralized and stable at the same time.”…

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