Eterbase Announces Anti-Inflationary Stablecoin, EURBASE

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Amid an uncertain global financial hegemony, where negative interest rates and further quantitative easing are appealing to central banks, a “Looming War of Currencies” is gathering momentum. Extrapolated to the cryptocurrency space, the ongoing financial developments of the world are highly relevant to the anti-inflationary dictate of Bitcoin and the continuing flood of stablecoins into the market.

From Binance’s Venus project to Tether’s perpetual dominance in the China-Russia OTC market, the sentiment around the potential of stablecoins is resoundingly strong.
For Eterbase, the emerging EU-compliant and SEPA/IBAN fiat-crypto exchange, a push into the crowded stablecoin market was inevitable — with a unique twist.

Citing the invisible tax that inflation perpetuates on long-term savers in the EU, Eterbase is building EURBASE as a hedge against the depreciation in value of the Euro and other major national currencies in the coming years as negative interest rates and interventionist monetary policy accelerate. Read more…

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