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  • Buy DAI with credit cards
  • Funds are safe

DAI is a U.S. Dollar-pegged stablecoin issued by Maker DAO atop the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Now, users can purchase it with their credit cards as a new payment solution has been released by Simplex.

Buy DAI with credit cards

Simplex, an EU-licensed payment ecosystem that addresses the sphere of crypto-to-fiat remittances is well-known for its seamless exchange experience with top altcoins. Users of Simplex can purchase Tron (TRX), Cosmos (ATOM) and Dash (DASH) cryptocurrencies with credit cards. Now, the DAI stablecoin by Maker DAO has joined this league.

Simplex solutions are integrated into major cryptocurrency trading platforms, e.g. Binance, KuCoin, and OKEx. As a result, millions of users can now add the most in-demand stablecoin in DeFi to their portfolios. Both debit and credit cards are welcome within this system.

According to Gustav Arentoft, Maker’s Business Development Representative in Europe, this partnership is meaningful for DAI users as:

it gives them a straightforward fiat on- and off-ramp with access to the industry’s biggest players

Funds are safe

The Israeli-based Simplex team is pioneering many security features as it refunds the victims of the fraudulent chargebacks. Its fraud prevention solutions are based on Artificial Intelligence performance leaving no chance for scammers to access users’ funds.

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Source: u.today

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