Binance Launches Short-Term Lending Program For These Two Stablecoins – U.Today

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  • Earn for short term
  • Is it profitable? 

Crypto exchange Binance has launched the twelfth phase of its lending products. Within its framework, two unusual stablecoin lending programs are offered.

Earn for short term

Starting from Feb. 3, 2020, Binance will offer two stablecoin-backed lending programs with a 30-day fixed term. The programs will allow lending Binance USD (BUSD) and USD Tether (USDT) stablecoins.

The users can subscribe to the program with BUSD (the minimum lot size is 100 BUSD, the maximum lot size is two mln BUSD) and get 0.49 BUSD in return from every lot. The holders of Tether (USDT) can receive 0.45 USDT in return from a 100 USDT lot.

Is it profitable? 

This program looks attractive due to its surprisingly short term of 30 days. By the way, smaller ecosystems provide higher APR for stablecoins lending.

For instance, with YouHodler, the APR for stablecoins may exceed 12 percent.


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