Are Stablecoins Congruent With The Founding Pillars Of Economy 3.0?

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We’ve come a long way as a society, and our progress can most easily be tracked by how we interact with one another in regard to value. Our economy is the driving factor behind all of our progress, and as we push further into globalization we are quickly realizing that we need to update our mindset. Economy 1.0 was based on the direct trading of goods, and this lasted for a long, long time – it’s more commonly known as bartering. Eventually we moved past that into Economy 2.0, which connected those goods with money as an intermediary. This type of economy introduced interest (both positive and negative) and paper money, but it still put the value of things at the forefront of our minds.

In order for us to progress further we need to first change the way we interact with our economy; we need to upgrade to 3.0. What exactly this will look like, and what role cryptocurrencies will play, are the questions we need to start asking…

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