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The advent of a universal platform for digital assets and crypto management

OKSCHAIN ​​is a decentralized financial ecosystem for a wide range of participants. Ecosystem partners use it to store digital assets, pay for goods and services, receive payments, use the service for exchanging digital assets and P2P lending, and also invest in startups. OKSCHAIN’s immediate plans include creating an infrastructure for operations with cryptocurrencies and digital assets and developing its own developments in the field of hard tech, ecotech, and AI.

OKSCHAIN’s goal is to create a range of convenient and affordable financial services for our customers. First of all, we are focused on the development of services for a mass audience. As pilot markets, we consider those countries where cryptocurrencies are popular and where there are a large number of people without access to the banking system.

Buy and transfer currency with OKSCHAIN ​​payment system 

The OKSCHAIN ​​ecosystem combines traditional financial services and crypto services. It is based on a payment system whose participants use the OKS token and stablecoins for settlements between themselves and the purchase of goods and services from partners of the OKSCHAIN ​​ecosystem.

Benefits of OKSCHAIN ​​Blockchain Solutions:

• High transaction speed

• Transparency

• Own blockchain solutions

• Security

• Wide functionality and versatility

• Suitable for payment solutions

• Convenient for creating stablecoins

• Convenient integration

OKS Token

OKS is the OKSCHAIN ​​ecosystem unit of account released from the Stellar fork. Ecosystem members will be able to use OKS for settlements between themselves. The OKS token is not a stock or security and does not give the right to own shares in OKSCHAIN ​​services.

Total sold tokens in the amount of $ 9 765 266, the amount of 9 765 265 882 OKS.

Seed round $ 3 563 002 – 3 563 002 000 OKS Token Holder 527

Private sale $ 5,066,934 – 5,066,933,882 OKS Token Holder 5507

Public sale $ 1,135,330 – 1,135,330,000 OKS Token Holder 912

Token listing occurs on two exchanges on February 20:

1. coinsbit.io

2. probit.com

All unsold tokens will be destroyed.

Store and transfer digital assets with OSKCHAIN Digital Wallet

Users can access both traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Transactions of traditional currencies between users within the network occur instantly, thanks to stablecoins on the Stellar blockchain. The speed of cryptocurrency transactions corresponds to the speed of transactions within the corresponding blockchain.

Exchange digital assets with decentralized P2P exchange

OKSCHAIN ​​users can exchange their digital assets among themselves, at the chosen rate. Users put their digital assets into OKSCHAIN ​​wallet, choose the type of asset and the amount they want to exchange. Available for exchange assets – cryptocurrencies, OKSCHAIN ​​stablecoins, currencies of electronic payment systems.

P2P lending and microloans

Any user of the OKSCHAIN platform can invest their cryptocurrencies or fiat funds in a P2P lending system. Also, any member of the OKSCHAIN ​​ecosystem can apply for a microloan. The decision to issue a microloan is made with the help of artificial intelligence, which evaluates the borrower by 30 parameters. In addition, the OKSCHAIN ​​ecosystem allows the user to receive a loan in fiat secured by cryptocurrency.

Invest in modern technologies and startups

OKSCHAIN provides the user with the opportunity to invest in modern technologies and startups. OKSCHAIN’s analytical department will select startups and collaborate with successful global venture funds, accelerators, and business angels. OKSCHAIN ​​Venture Fund acquires a share in a startup, and then tokenizes it and offers its customers to purchase a share in the form of a token.

Store, transfer, exchange digital assets, apply for microloans and invest with OKSCHAIN. Join OKSCHAIN now!

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